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The name KLEUSBERG has stood for excellence in the manufacture of pressure vessels for more than half a century. Throughout this period, long-term business relationships with our customers and our suppliers have formed the core of a business philosophy that is focussed on sustainable management.

KLEUSBERG Headquaters

Our administration in the KLEUSBERG-office building.

Trust and security:

Our discreet treatment of sensitive customer data (drawings, calculations, etc.) has allowed us to create a name for ourselves as a reliable development partner. Because compressed air tanks are usually required to withstand considerable stresses, safety aspects are of primary importance during construction and manufacture. KLEUSBERG fulfils its responsibilities in this area by carrying out intensive testing of its vessels using special procedures and through quality control that accompanies the manufacturing process. These practices guarantee the absolute reliability of our products.


Our corporate culture is characterised by continuous improvement in the form of product and process innovations. This organisationally-rooted learning process has given rise to a formidable stock of know-how in the field of vessel construction over the course of the years and has contributed significantly to the high quality of our products.

Automatisation bei Kleusberg


Flexibility and rapidity:

Flat hierarchies in both administration and production give us the ability to respond to our customers' short notice requests in a quick and flexible manner.

The satisfaction of our customers is critically dependent not only on good quality, but also on our rapid reaction times, short delivery times and excellent ability to meet deadlines. Our generous stock of products plays a significant part in keeping delivery times short. Furthermore, the high level of manufacturing automation has reduced our lead times to a minimum.

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