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Product range

We manufacture and supply vessels made out of sheet steel or stainless steel single piece, in series or in large-scale productions. Our range of products encompasses, amongst other things: compressed air tanks, vacuum tanks, non-pressurised collecting tanks, pressurised oil tanks, stainless steel tanks (compressed air tanks made of stainless steel), natural gas tanks, pressurised water tanks, water reservoirs, boilers, specially constructed tanks, pressure vessels for road vehicles (EN 286 Part 2), buffer storage tanks and pressure vessels for rail vehicles (EN 286 Part 3), as well as tanks for compressors (EN 286 Part 1) and other machines.

Delivery time

Most models are available from stock. However, we also offer a rapid and flexible service when meeting individual requirements.



• Volume

We have a wide variety of models to offer, starting from very small compressed air tanks (from 0.1 litres) and ranging right up to large volumes of over 1,000 litres.


A variety of options are also offered with regard to the installation of the tanks.


In addition to our inexpensive stock colours, we also offer custom painting in any of the other RAL colours.
These compressed air tanks are galvanised inside and out by the dipping procedure. The threads are finished afterwards.
  compressed air tank Stainless steel tank            


Comprehensive type designs have been registered as part of the usual approval process for the EU area [?]; in many cases, these allow us to manufacture custom pressure vessels at short notice and for a low cost. Vessel type approvals by, for example, the TÜV [German Technical Inspection Agency] (TÜV approval) or by Germanischer Lloyd (GL approval) are frequently sufficient to allow for the solution of problems. If, however, special approval for countries outside Europe is needed, we kindly request that you provide us with your specific requirements.

compressed air tank manufacturer in Germany